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Anna Ananichuk

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How I teach kids to love science (and medicine)

My name is Anna, I am a medical student and actually quite a fan of sketchnoting. Whenever I am at a lecture I feel like writing down I always use sketchnotes. Unfortunately I don't have a tablet, so I can't share any digital sketchnote experience, but I am a fan of handwriting things and always carry a couple of pens and some paper around!

Here's my try at the exercises (sorry I skipped a few):


My biggest problem is alignment - while the asvice you give about turning the page and checking back with the beginning of the line is useful, I tend to forget to do that once I'm in the middle of my sketchnote listening to someone talking.

For my TED video sketch I chose "How I teach kids to love science" by Cesar Harada:


Hope you like it :)

I also wanted to share the sketchnotes I do for the class I teach here in Moscow called English for clinical practice, where doctors and medical students learn to describe their work in English.




So if you are by any chance interested in learning medical English visit my website to see more useful materials and sketchnotes!


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