How I managed my Emotions

How I managed my Emotions - student project

Three things that I am grateful for:

Sunday: My hard work in school

My safety for my family from COVID-19

Me being a good Muslim

Monday: Fasting

Helping my Family in the Kitchen

Praying for Reward

Tuesday: Reading Quran

Finishing my Work

Making Dua

Wednesday: Studying

Preparing for school

Helping my Family

Thursday: Fasting

Helping my Family

Doing Chores

Friday: Reading Quran

Making Dua

Cleaning in the Kitchen

Saturday: Studying


Hard Work in School and Helping my Family

These things are very Grateful for me, because they had helped me in life and that I can grow from these and that they can help me in the future. Also, I can learn from my mistakes and also be thankful for my gratitude.