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How I generated 10 Profitable Skillshare Course Ideas In 2 Minutes?

Are you planning to make money by teaching online?And your search ended at Skillshare.That's great.

Skillshare is the hottest online learning platform. It's growing rapidly with more than 1.8 million students with wide range of categories to teach about.And The Best Part Skillshare pays you highest royalties compared to any other platform on the internet. 

I started teaching on Skillshare three months back. I make few hundred dollars every month.Based on my experience I learned that success on Skillshare hugely depends on how  frequently you teach. The more classes you create the more will be your earnings will be.

To teach frequently you need to have a lot of hot course ideas at your disposal.So I Developed A System To Come Up With Killer Skillshare Course Ideas.

I have more than 7 Source From where I generate 100's of Killer Skillshare course Ideas. As Of Now, I am going to show you one of them and How I generated 10 Profitable Skillshare Course Ideas In 2 Minutes using the source Other Course Platforms.But Lets Start With Udemy.Com.


Go to udemy.com. It is one of the biggest online course platforms on the internet with more than 12 Million Students and 20,000 Instructors it is the place where you can find great inspiration for your Skillshare Course Ideas.



Check the Categories and choose the one you want to teach about.You can get specific by choosing the subcategories.Let's say I want To Teach about Marketing and in Marketing specifically about digital marketing.I am going To Choose Digital Marketing.



Now find the courses that are doing really well on this platform by choosing the All Courses option at the top. Now Make sure you sort all courses by Popularity. Yes, these are all the courses that are doing great on this platform. People are showing great interest in these courses buying them that means they will do great on Skillshare too.




Go the each course you liked and check the topics it's teaching about and see if can get inspired from them.And read the reviews to know what people saying about these courses.In reviews, people will talk about the things they liked about the course and where the course needs to be improved further.You can use all these insights in your Skillshare courses to make great.



Now take a notepad and note all the topics you found great and can get inspired from.And Start Creating Courses This Takes hardly 2 minutes but will help you to generate super profitable course Ideas.


Advantages Of Using Udemy As A Source To Generate Course Ideas:


You can check other course platforms too for Inspiration. Here are the links to some online course platforms:

Creative Live:https://www.creativelive.com/
MOOC List:https://www.creativelive.com/

So Here Are The 10 Topics I Generated:

  • How To Build Your YouTube Channel To 10,000 Subscribers Within 3 Weeks
  • How To Rank You Blogposts Higher On Google Search Results
  • 9 Tools To Automate Your Social Media
  • 7 Hacks To Triple You Twitter Followers In a Week
  • How To Create Perfect Facebook Cover Image
  • How To Build Following On Instagram?
  • How To Retarget Effectively Using Facebook?
  • Email Marketings Basics: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing
  • How To Generate Business Leads Using LinkedIn
  • The Complete Guide To Digital Marketing For Startup Founders

See how effective these topics are it took me two minutes to generate them and I only used one of the seven sources. Imagine what you can unleash if you use all the seven sources.


Here Is The Link: http://skl.sh/2epAqjs

So Why to Wait- Enroll In This Course To Get Started.


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