How I felt

How I felt - student project

It is super strange hearing another artist else talking about difficulty creating. It was almost like someone just tape recorded my inner talk, my ego talks to me the exact same way. So it is really relieving to know that my struggle isn’t my uncurable disease that will infect my whole artist career. I really enjoyed the fact that I don’t have to care about the results, which I had to remind myself multiple times during the whole creating process. I always wanted my efforts to be “worth it” and that has led me not being able to pick up my pen at all sometimes. This course has definitely helped breaking down the mental barriers in my head and I was able to just paint how I wanted. Even “mistakes” are appreciated and of some value - discovery of new techniques or color combinations. I’m super grateful that I took this course and I will be incorporating this as my warmup for my daily practice. Thank you Yasmina for sharing your journey with us!How I felt - image 1 - student projectHow I felt - image 2 - student projectHow I felt - image 3 - student projectHow I felt - image 4 - student project