How I fell in love with writing

How I fell in love with writing - student project

Watching this course was a first baby step towards implementing a writing routine in my daily life. (and I am f-ing proud of having taken that first quite scary step!)
Thank you so much Tatiana! It was a very accessible, inspiring and interesting class.

I have always loved writing. I think it's started with falling in love with language first. No matter in which language, I think words are amongst the most powerful and beautiful things in the Universe. I also love so much the simple but powerful beauty of letters and numbers (I practice lettering/calligraphy as well). 

So, it all started with an insane curiosity, where I would haras my parents to read out loud to me all the words that had picked my interest. It escalated quickly with getting addicted to reading the second I knew how. With learning how to write, I was done, completely and utterly in love with language. And then it never stopped.

I spent hours in my teen years simply working on how I would write (as in perfecting the way I would trace letters). And writing in diaries. And then starting countless fictions. 
But also falling in love with poems, countless fictional characters, travelling through imaginary lands and making friends. Meeting people who had counted and impacted my life stronger than most real persons might ever do.

I then stopped for a very long time.
I didn't like what I was writing, perfectionism had the best of me, it also felt like "it wasn't an adult thing". It wasn't at all from lack of passion or creativity.
French have a very special relationship with arts in general, making it the gift of a chosen few.
I have also been raised in a family where any creative activity that doesn't serve a useful purpose (like cooking does, one of the rare accepted creative outlet), or doesn't bring you money and bread on the table is childish and a waste of time.  

Getting back to my creative roots is probably one of my favourite decisions as an adult. I didn't start with writing. But the more I was creating, the more I would crave writing. So I started getting reacquainted with it through journaling.
I also do a lot of personal development and feel like, through writing about how we feel or what we are thinking of, we can build a relationship with ourselves in a very unique way. 

I blogged for years on what I was passionate about. I had a cooking blog for a while, then 10 years ago, I learnt and then taught other people how to make our own cosmetics (which is so fun). For the past 5 years, I also wrote a lot (A LOT) about my work : I am a psychologist, and am passionate about how we humans are working, what makes us tick, what helps us being happy (spoiler alert : creativity is important), etc etc... But I am too shy and torturing myself to publish that that yet (except for a couple of articles here and there).

Structuring when I write is a big challenge for me as well. I am sure even the way this is written is quite telling and confirming that lack of structure.
For now, I am what I call "a binge writer" : get me inspired, and I'll write for 8hrs straight in the middle of the night, the most quiet time of the day (I LOVE the 12-6am shift to create).
But then the editing, the proofreading, or just sometimes just finishing that piece. That's where I lack bravery and persistence. When it gets less exciting and more vulnerable. When my perfectionism starts getting in the way of the process. So I would be the one you describe in the class, writing 45mn because I missed a week of writing, and therefore, getting better at procrastinating rather than building a true and solid habit.

So I would say that what motivates me the most is my love for language, teaching, and my topics. And of course the awesome flow I am in when I start writing about something I truly love. <3

I can't wait to push it further!