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How I failed

Where to start? Life failures or artistic ones? I have learned to embrace failure from my Voice coach, when I was 17, he told me "make mistakes now, in front of me, because I don't care, instead of making mistakes on the stage. The time to f*ck up is now". Ever since then I haven't been scared of trying anything. I have bee doing kung fu for 12 years almost, and I remember the first time I had to do a box jump, i missed, hit my shin on the edge of the box, and fell on my face on the other side. In front of everyone. And then again, recently, because I got distracted. Meh. It barely hurt physically. So here is a list of my graver failures, I supposed, based entirely on my own opinion.

1. I dropped out of college because of bad decisions I made in regards to relationships, and eventually I alienated everyone around me to the point where I had no group to work in, in Animation and Video Game design, a field where group work is not only preferred, it is essential. What I learned from that is, keep your sh*t separated. "Don't sh*t where you eat".

2. Watercolors are something I've always tried to dabble in, and finally I am becoming decent at it, but only after failing time and again. Blurred lines, droplets of a color where it doesn't belong, backgrounds gone wrong, it's all there. I learned: wait for it to dry, put some paper on it and that sometimes it looks cool either way.

ugh, that background, what was I thinking?

so muddy!

lost count of how many times i tried to smooth those lines.

oops, that red splash from the background makes it look like it murdered someone.

my husband did not recognize Arya in this. I tried.

3. I recently tried to challenge myself by doing the reverse of what I was used to in shading, by using black paper and white pencil instead of white paper and graphite, and I have discovered a great flaw, or my m.o. at least. I draw noses really big. Like BIG. Maybe it comes from my own experience of looking in the mirror, maybe not. I also enlongate faces a lot. And I never noticed this on graphite on white, or maybe I am better at drawing depth with black instead of drawing light with white.

long face. in the picture she looked way more angelic.

at first, this wasn't meant to be a cartoony Angelina Jolie. Ah, well.


Ha! So yeah, this feels liberating in a way. :) I look forward to comments and such.

ps. I failed way more than this, but these are recent (with the exception of my college confession, but boy did that one sting) and so these are fresh on my mind.


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