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Inês Mateus

Artist and violinist



How I engage with students

Hi I'm Inês,

In this project I share three examples of how I engage with my students:


  • discussion post

I normal use my profile page to engage with students. I post sometimes annoucements and updates about classes.


Next is a example, when I publish my second class I email all the students about it:



  • sections in my profile

Earlier this year, 2019, I renewed my profile page, created well-defined sections with illustrated banners. You can see here my profile.

This is the first banner of welcome:



And this is one of the sections:



  • feedback given to a student in a project

This is a project from a student in my class:



And this is the feedback i gave:



Something I can improve is make video notes.

The reality is that I have never use that feature and now I understand how it can help students.

 I don't have many students so I am not having many things to answer in community tab or project gallery. I always try to motivate the students to post projects but I am not having many responses... it's normal?


Thanks for the amazing class and tips.





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