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How I Will Get More Followers

All of the advice here is fantastic. Even though some of the info is right there on Skillshare, as a teacher you may not even notice it. 

Case in point - notes. I loved the idea of creating notes so maybe the students will to.

Anyway, for my project, I think I'll try to get more followers by the following methods:

  1. Create more courses. If my courses are good, hopefully students will want to see more from me.
  2. Create shorter courses. Rather than places like Udemy, where some courses can be many hours long, I will focus on short courses that focus on one simple idea. That's actually how Skillshare wants us to create anyway. You could take a typical Udemy course and break it up into X number of Skillshare courses.
  3. I will promote though various off-site methods, as well as using the Skillshare platform to send messages to my current students about new courses.
  4. This will be a work in progress, but I want to create fun projects that are simple to do, so people really want to do them. The more projects I get, the more trendy my course will be.

I think another great way to get more students is to lead into the next course. Not really a cliffhanger per se, but maybe a short blurb that talks about the "more advanced" stuff to learn in the next course. 

I'm looking forward to getting started. I joined the May Teach Challenge and am working on my course now. I will certainly use everything that Neil has taught in this and his other courses to make it a success!


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