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How I Reached My First 25

Publishing a class on Skillshare was both more challenging and easier than I expected.  Putting together each step to my video and editing took significantly more time that I anticipated, especially since this was my first time with video tutorials opposed to photo and written tutorials.  However, I was so pleasantly surprised at how supportive the community is and how helpful the Skillshare staff was and continues to be.  

I reached the magic 25 quite quickly, even though my class is geared toward a smaller subset; crafters who have an interest in crocheting, and then an interest in crocheting rugs.  Nevertheless I am happy with how it has been perceived so far!

This is how I reached the first 25.  

  • Creating a free link for a limited amount of free classes and promoting them on social media as 'special' and 'for a limited time only'
  • Posting as I made the class and then when it was finished on Instagram, including the 'limited time free class' (which I never had to use)
  • Pinning the finished class on Pinterest
  • Adding the intro video on a newly created Facebook page with a link to the class16c5c331
  • Adding a photo and link permanently to my website f814c093
  • Periodically posting on the Skillshare community boards with my progress.  A tip here: I personally feel like the best students are those who are truly interested in your class, rather than the 'I'll take your class if you take mine' mentality.  If you want to have a permanent standing as a teacher here on Skillshare you have to build up a true base of students who care about what you are doing.  That's not to say you shouldn't take and review fellow teacher's classes, just make sure you are doing it because you are truly interested in what they are teaching.  

I know I will continue to find new ways to market the class and I hope to reach each student milestone as I continue.  

Good luck everyone!!! 


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