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Paige Kwon

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How I Met Your Mother - The Playbook

I will be doing my design from an episode from How I Met Your Mother.

"The Playbook" (Season 5, episode 8) is about Barney Stinston showing off his playbook, which consists of different plays to pick up women.

There are five main characters in the show (Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin & Barney), but this episode seems to focus primarily on Barney and Lily. 

Character Analysis - Barney


-Will do anything to get laid

-Suited up

-Selfish, but when his friends truly need help he's there



-Smooth talker


Character Analysis - Lily


-Not afraid to give her opinion

-The "anchor" of the cast

-Sometimes can be sinister

-Likes to play "cupid" 

Elements within the episode

-The Playbook

-Barney wears many various costumes to perform many of his plays.

-Episode is focused on one of Barney's plays called "The Scuba Diver"

-Episode is primarily focused on Barney and Lily.

-A blonde (Barney's target for "The Scuba Diver" is brought into the group.

-Barney and Robin's recent breakup is mention multiple times.

-Ted and Marshall mock Robin by telling her shes going to immediately fall in love because she decided to focus on work instead of relationships.

Sketches - 3/29/2013

One concept I came up with was to focus the design on Barney and his many personas he plays from his playbook. Another concept was to focus on Barney and Lily and their ongoing struggle concerning the playbook. There are also secondary plots within the episode but they are not as important as Barney and his playbook.

Development - 4/2/2013

I started the vectorizing process, and decided to try to combine all three of my concepts. I wanted to get Barney's intial look down so I vectorized the bust of his iconic figure. Just added the "LEGENDARY" for laughs :D


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