How Can I Help You Today? Tracking Acts of Daily Service

Remember that line in The Matrix that there is no spoon? That is how I view life. No form. Blurred lines. Many hats. I've lived a life of throwing myself in then swimming until I sink. And often times, I don't sink. Which makes for a bouyant life. This said, people have a difficult time fitting me into their very human habit of a typical, compartmentalized box.  I don't fit. I'm a little good at a lot of things, which makes it hard to view me as any one thing. So, I'm a Jess Of All Trades. I'm here to help where I can. Give, recieve, and all of the limitless juiciness that follows. And it is my intention with this infographic project, to collect the data, which shares how often we can help ourselves by helping others with random good samaritan acts, and the daily opportunity to serve.


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