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Erin Nicole

Creative little nugget stuck in FLA.



How Bout No

Hello! I'm Erin, a creative little nugget from FLA and designer full of ideas with a sruge of motivation to get some work done. I've been trying to improve my branding skills as of late, so I jumped at the idea of this branding challenge!

Now to focus on which direction I want to go in. The first course of action, redefining my freelance career in the sense of what I can produce for clients and ready-made items. The other idea I had been interested in creating a nerd base store.

With my recent trip to Comic Con though in San Diego though, I think I'll focus on the second idea for now and revisit the first idea once I've completed my current set of challenges this months.


Creating a mood board was fairly easy. Being a nerd myself, I ended up focusing on a couple Pinterest boards I've already created to determine the ideal customer. My biggest inspiration for wanting to start this nerdy little shop of mine comes from my nerdy interests and wanting to create items that my fellow nerd enthusiasts could enjoy too.


Now that I've officially caught up on this challenge, I can move ahead to the second portion of this class! As much as I loved this vacation, it's nice to get back to work. 



And the mystery of my shop name has been revealed - welcome to HowBoutNo!

Not so much a nickname, but an alter ego of some sorts. HowBoutNo has been my go to screenname since about 2004. I decided that it might not be that great to use with my freelance business and decided to use my name for that venture, but ultimately wanted to use HowBoutNo at some point for another side of my business. Since I've been playing around this store idea, I felt like this would be the best use of the name.

Mission statement - Designed with Nerds in mind.

Because I have so many ideas as to what I want to make and sell, I felt like trying to include all that in the mission statement would be too much, but I know the one thing I will carry through out the items I make and sell, is that I'm keeping the fans in mind.



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