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Erin Nicole

Creative little nugget stuck in FLA.



How Bout No

For this project, I decided to create a type logo of my nickname per say. How Bout No was a screen name I picked back in high school during them good ol' fashioned Myspace days. It's ultimately gone on to be the username I go to for any new account I make and at some point, would like to turn into my company name for the nerdy designs I work on.

I've been wanting to create a custome type for awhile now, so this was the perfect oppurtunity to do so!

Created a board on Pinterest so I could organize my favorite logo types from other boards of mine and focus on how to lay out my logo.


Wasn't sure if I wanted to do block lettering or something scripty, so I got to sketching to see what felt and looked the best.


After sketching for awhile, I went with a script style lettering in a circle. I didn't know if I would accentuate the fact that it was in a circle, but it definitely helped me focus on how to lay out the words. My main issue was that I didn't know how to balance the words since they seem to be slightly awkward, if that makes sense, but this felt the best to me. 


This is the final logo I ended up, but I definitely want to create a one color version logo, as well as one where the shadows aren't so clean looking.



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