How A Military Hospital Changed Medicine: 5 Medical Breakthroughs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

How A Military Hospital Changed Medicine: 5 Medical Breakthroughs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center - student project

Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble narrowing my pitch ideas to a specific project, so I'll throw everything at the wall for now and hope that something sticks. Any feedback is welcome! 

Architecture - I run a Frank Lloyd Wright blog on Tumblr and worked for a few years at Fallingwater, his masterpiece. I have a few ideas for stories, but I'd love to pitch an article for a national publication about the art inside Fallingwater -- it's a museum collection in itself, and I got the impression from patrons that most people don't know that, even those who know the house by name. 

Reproductive Rights - I love the historical stories that frequently appear on The Hairpin, and it may be my starting point. I run a history blog about Pittsburgh, and one day I came across a newspaper article from the 1920s about the first woman who earned her pilot's license in Pennsylvania. A woman in her twenties, she died of a botched abortion and was the subject of a police investigation into who performed the operation. No arrests were made, and the woman is completely lost to history. I'm not sure how I could flesh this story out, but it deserves some commentary and would seem to be the kind of thing that The Hairpin could be interested in.

LBGTQ - My college roommate and her partner were the first same-sex couple married at West Point, something I'm proud to say. Media profiled the next couple who got married there a week later, but my roomie was definitely first. On the surface this seems like a great feature story, especially since I'm one of the first people she ever came out to, but I would want to be sure I have a few stories under my belt before pitching the idea to her. I'd hate to ask permission to write about her only to get rejected because my pitch isn't any good! 

Veterans - My husband is a combat amputee veteran who lost his leg in Iraq 8 years ago, and we spent a year at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (before the WaPo expose came out). I've had a book proposal about this in my head for years, but I've never been able to translate it to paper. I'd like to one day write about the history of the institution, but for now I'd like to focus on pitching stories that are timely and relevant to veterans' issues today. I also spent a year working at a nonprofit for veterans, many of whom were homeless, so I'd say that this topic is probably the one I know most about. 

Again, any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!