Hovey Players website

Hovey Players website

Updated Feb, 6th 2013

For my portfolio, I decided to go with a theater website.  I have been struggling, off and on, to design a site for a community theater group I'm involved in.  The challenge here is that (a) there's a number of different points of view to keep in mind and (b) there's a LOT of information to convey.


The primary purpose of the website is to convey that the group does great theater, which people will want to watch.  

The viewers could be potential audience members, potential cast members, potential volunteers, or those looking for information about past productions (the pages stay up after the show closes).


Production Name
Playwright / Director / Producer
Postcard image (when available)
Production Dates
Ticket prices and reservation information (until the show closes)
Link to Audition Information (until the show is cast)
Cast List (when available)
Production Staff List (when available)
Production photos (when available)
Links to positive reviews (when available)

(and then the standard navigation from other pages, newsfeed, etc.)

(phew, that was the complicated one)

Other pages are much simpler:

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