Houston's envelope

Houston's envelope - student project

At first I created a grid and a draft layout that could work with the name and the address I was about to use. I created a black and white result, as these were the brushes I have available at home.

Houston's envelope - image 1 - student projectI wanted to put everything in sections so they were readable, and combine brush lettering with serif font type. A ruler, a pencil and an eraser were my tools for the 1st step.


Houston's envelope - image 2 - student project

Then I used a SINOART black marker to create the main section of the envelope: the last name of my friend.


Houston's envelope - image 3 - student project

Then I used a black Tombow pen to create the brushlettering effect for the first name and the name of the city. The zipcode was created using the other side of the pen, which is a simple thin marker.


Houston's envelope - image 4 - student project

I used the other side of the SINOART black marker to refine edges of the last name.


Houston's envelope - image 5 - student project

Using another grey Tombow marker I added shadow effect around "Houston" and went on with the other side of the black marker to create the address info. I added some weight to numbers so it's easier to see the sections.


Houston's envelope - image 6 - student projectAaaand this is the final result! Hope he likes it, so do you!


Thank you Erik for this detailed course!