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Jennifer Hines

Illustrator and lettering artist



Houston, We Have a Problem

Here is my finished project: Houston, We Have a Problem.  I started with sketching it from scratch, then inked it, scanned it in, used Illustrator photo trace, and then finished it in Illustrator regarding shapes and filles. Then I had fun scanning in all sorts of textures, brushstrokes, and other fun stuff, and applied it to the top in Photoshop. Finally, I used some hand-drawn textures using Photoshop brushes on top to reach this finished piece. It was challenging and fun, and overall I'm pretty happy with how this came out.

Here are my steps visually:

Handdrawn and inked images ready to scan. I kept some details on a separate sheet of paper to help with scanning.


Then I traced it and finished it up in Illustrator:

And here is the finished Photoshop image, complete with textures and hand-drawn brush accents:


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