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Houston Street Life

Hello skillshare!

My name is Jonah Gonzales and I am a photographer from Houston, Texas. Below are the shots that showcase the life of my city. I recently hit the city with my Canon 5D MKII and Canon 24mm 1.4 on a very cold and overcast day. I was alone so I was able to go at my own pace and also be a little more subtle. The first picture is a shot of a man smoking while I'm assuming on his break. The second is a motion blur of Houston's metro rail. The third shot is a look up of the Wells Fargo Plaza in Houston. The last was a night time look up while I was walking around trying to find where I parked my car. Well I hope you guys enjoyed my story. For more photos check out my instagram: @Jonah_Gonzales or my personal website www.jonahgonzales.com

Thanks, enjoy!


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