Houston Love

2.  Concept 2

My second concept is type based. 

1. Concept 1

I made a collage incorporating the silhouette of 2 iconic buildings in Downtown Houston and the water sprays from the many spray grounds in the city.

I chose these buildings because their shape resembles the letter H. 

I just moved to Houston, so this project is about my first impression of the city.  The images that come to mind when I close my eyes are the iconic skyline, the Galleria’s vaulted ceiling, the beltway loops, the refinery smoke stacks, NASA, the port. 

That’s all the bones of the city, but the features that make Houston beautiful are its colorful and diverse communities, the incredibly good food, the parks filled with kids rolling in the grass and playing in the  spraygrounds.

 People are friendly and polite, its institutions are practical and efficient, and everything is huge: long distances, large buildings, huge crosses, impressive highways.

My challenge is to reconcile the hard, industrial, big, and practical side of the city with its culturally colorful and soft parts. 


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