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Housewarming gift for my friend + Updates

UPDATE 06/06/16

I have been practicing inking by working off some screengrabs from GoT female characters. Still trying to figure out how to handle the values, but I see progression with each new piece. The main mistake I made initially was to try & use too much full black. I also worked on the house and Sansa without a sketch, but I'm seeing that sketching makes a very noticeable difference.

I have been using a cheap Asian brush and a slim watercolor brush. The cheap brush isn't behaving, so I am planning on another trip to the art store. Using a better brush will help me make bolder and more expressive lines, I think.




UPDATE 07/01/16





I watched Yuko Shimizu's class some months ago and loved it! So when my friend had bought her first house, I decided to use that opportunity to play with some ink. :)

Loved the inking process! The main thing I had to figure out was the overall negative space (how dense/detailed/dramatic vs. airy/light/washes). I feel comfortable with the current balance. 

The most fun I had was with the trees and the shadows. I am planning on working on ink portraits after this because I think inking would go well with organic subjects. 

The inked piece is already gifted to my friend, but if you guys have any comments/suggestions, I will remember them for next time. Thanks!




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