Household ToDo


Anyone who live with other people - be it friends, family, whoever - shares some resonsibilities (or should!). These could be as simple as chores (washing dishes) to managing an important deadline (paying rent on the first of the month). This can be difficult to manage, especially if the household is large. Household ToDo helps manage these responsibilities by assigning them to household individuals.

Validation Board:

Is your customer who you thought they were? Did they have the problem?

For the most part, yes. 

List the 5 key learnings from interviews

  1. Every person in households understands importance of chores
  2. Every person in households understand s importance of financial obligations
  3. Share responsibility of tasks sometimes leads to them not getting done.
  4. Certain individuals take on more responsibility
  5. There are often freeloaders (they let others do everything!)


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