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HOUSEBLEND Est. 2013 is an aspiring lifestyle clothing brand found off the raw sectors of Los Angeles, CA. Originally created with 4 founding fathers, Houseblend evolved into a project that became the sole project of  playboy, of billionaire, philanthropist, , Alex Esposo aka Mr. Hyde of Houseblend. (I hope you can take a joke!) Inspirations include Los Angeles, Japanese and European fashion as well as the Hip-hop scene collectively.

Why HOUSEBLEND? The word Houseblend is a play in our perception. It represents many concepts and ideas in our subconscious. The most common perception of the two words is coffee. One can say it might represent a home, or shelter. Nevertheless, Your mind instantaneously is hijacked with a warm, fuzzy place deep in your conscience. Houseblend is a sense that encompasses your mind, sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste. It is a blend of ideas, concepts, politics and culture. It just overflow with good vibes overall and accompanies a unique, but welcoming culture.

Chapter One:Brand Name and Slogan

Slogan: This One's on the House!

The Slogan was originally an idea from the other 3 founders of the brand. (Not my first choice) The principle of Houseblend was to produce a long term brand that is viable business in today's cut-throat society. At the same time, reflect a belief of a specific culture. A culture translating more towards, "The progressive successions of worthy ideals through defined individuals." Houseblend is an urban brand that reflects the individual who are essentially leaders of the new school. Individuals who have eccentric minds/lives (departing from conventional thinking/lifestyles) They live their lives how they want to live it, not giving a fuck when people pre-judge them, and follow their dreams. At the same time, they uplift people and inspire them to do the same. They are generous and express the idea of the fighting spirit. Sounds like someone? Houseblend is essentially a reflection of... You.

Houseblend's 1st fully screenprinted sticker with the Woodgrain theme.

On the inverse, a back screenprinted image of HB's contact info with the FIN finish.

Custom Made Wooden Paddles (Each wooden panel will be included with each shirt with our highly anticipated first release.)

produced by Advanced Material Designs for HB's first drop!

(Update! 7/22/2013) Currently on pre-order! The shirt represents the unlucky 1's. This one goes hard for the rotten seeds out there. The common theme in today's brand is to be "lucky." If everyone one is lucky, to be different is to be unlucky. The unlucky 1`s go through the hardship and struggle. They are the ones that go to hell and back. They are the ones that go thorough the bullshit and learn from it. At the end of the day, they have it the hardest. They learn from the struggle and push through. Unlike the lucky ones, the unlucky 1's can say, "Yes, I earned it, luck was never a factor."

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