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House of the Rising Sun

Disclaimer - I did not edit the colors of this photo. I simply didn't need to! This was truly what we saw that glorious morning. We woke up at 3am in order to pack up camp at Sprague Creek and hit the road to Many Glaciers in order ensure a camp spot there, as they typically fill up by 8am during the mid-summer months. We hadn't even planned on a spot to be for sunrise as it was completely socked in with clouds and rain. That's why I almost drove off the road when we came over the hill to this area appropriately titled, "Rising Sun."  I pulled over and my girlfriend and I got out of the car and stood there in silence and awe. This was truly the most magnificent sunrise we'd ever seen. We couldn't believe the timing that fate had dealt us - arriving at this spot, NAMED "RISING SUN," just as there was this perfect break in the storm to allow for this most fantastic display of natural beauty. As we drove away, there was this silence that took over the car as we both took in what we were so very fortunate to experience. I think in some way it changed us both; like it was the first sunrise we'd ever seen.


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