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House of Khepru ~ Redemption

Note : This story is still ongoing. The Prologue and Chapters 1-4 are currently online. New chapters are added every Friday. 

When Cayne was fifteen, his first love, Sona, died in front of his eyes. She simply collapsed without warning, leaving Cayne to mourn her loss, isolating himself for three straight years.

During his first week of college, Cayne meets a cute, but unusual girl named Angela, who seems to have a very strange interest in him. Angela quickly makes her intentions clear to him ; she and Cayne are Kheprians, beings who feed on human vitality, and possess supernatural powers.

Can Cayne deal with Angela, and learn to control his newfound powers? Will he tell his best friend, Adam, about anything? And who is the person he always sees disappearing from the corner of his eye?


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