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House Plant Love

I did a lot of brainstorming on this project before settling on the idea that I ended up executing. I thought about making a collection of foods missed while being an expat, a visualization of bad dad jokes, and the worst haircuts of every decade. But honestly, I'm not confident in my drawing skills and I wanted to do something that was challenging but not so daunting that I gave up on the project altogether.

I somehow decided on "Have You Ever Loved On Your House Plant?" It managed to turn itself into this sarcastic plant-based parallel to neglecting your girlfriend or maybe just a jealous/insecure girlfriend. I'll leave the interpretations up to you.

I really enjoyed this project! Really fun and interesting. I never knew so much about zines or wanted to know more about zines! Kate's right - you can't just do one. I'm already mulling over some ideas for my next zine project.

A few questions:

1. Is the overall concept humerous? 

2. Would a bit of color help to make certain things pop (i.e. color the house plant)?

3. Is the typography effective in expressing the emotion of each page?




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