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House Null

Growing up, I always wanted to know what our heritage was. My dad's side of the family was somewhat easy with a long line of relatives based out of West Virginia, but before that, it was only assumed we were also Irish. My mom's side of the family is slightly more difficult, but on her mother's side, she knows her great-great grandmother was Cherokee.

Since asking this same old question over the years, I began to realize that the story I loved hearing about the most was how my parents found each other and how they built this family together. Not to say we don't have family outside of just the 5 of us, but my parents had difficult childhoods, and they somehow found each other to create a better life.

I could have used even the briefest of family heritage for this project, but I decided to focus on the 5 of us. So I talked to my mom and brother (the other brother is difficult to get a hold of sometimes), and with our combined knowledge of what our family has been built upon, I made a list and started my research.



I really had to narrow this list down because it definitely felt a bit scatterbrain, so I tried to group what I could together. It ended up coming down to either creating a crest based on what our parents always taught us, to be honest, to have integrity, and to love; or combine our nerdiness, scout experience, and our love of water.


I ended up going in the nerdy direction for this one and to break it all down as to what I was able to include in the crest:

  • Water - we live on a peninsula, my brother's used to go fishing with my dad all the time. I never got the chance to, but that we had still had fun going to beach together.
  • Camping - both my brother's were in boyscouts, while I was in girl scouts growing up, and our parents got go camping with us whenever our troops did go on trips.
  • Telescope - a few of my favorite memories growing up involved either going to the plantarium with my mom, or both my parents (my mom took an astronomy class in college and every month they would let you go up on the roof where they set-up telescopes) or going out to the beach to see meteor showers.
  • Stars/Asterisk - the one show my dad would always watch wash MASH. If it was on, he would stop and watch the show, despite having seen it a dozen times. It got to the point where we all had seen the show at least a handful of times too. So I wanted to include the asterisk from the shows logo as the stars in the crest. I made sure to include 8 of them because between the three of us, my two older brother's and myself, we were with 8 years between us.
  • Star Wars/Star Trek - our family has our fair share of nerdiness. When my parents first started dating, they would watch Star Trek the original series. Growing up our family TV nights also included watching Next Generation and Voyager. We may not have always liked it, but we got to watch our shows and our parents got to watch their's. When Star Wars first came out, my mom took my oldest brother to the movies to see it and our love for the movies trickled down. So for these 2 references, I included the pretty obvious Death Star and the Enterprise registery numberon the tent.


1971 marks the year that my parents married, while the orange and red represent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We're loyal to our home town teams, and this was my dad's absolute favorite!




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