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House - Impov - Health - Girl - Friends

This is based on meditation and visioning
I'm in my sanctuary (that's what I call me home now) We have beautiful design on the walls and unique furniture. Nothing is from IKEA, not a single thing. We have big windows and hard wood flooring. It's reasonably modest and quite messy, kinda homely. We don't even try and keep it tidy because we have friends over all the time and a couple of little ones. Yeah, they are still little because we waited ages to be sure and also make sure we had a good time before so they won't get resented for steeling our childhood or anything like that. I'm in a loving marriage, we both have our own lives and have lots of friends but we are still very open with each other, she's really passionate about what she does. She knows who she is a continuously challenges me to be who I am.

The smell of fresh cooked food comes up from the kitchen, we eat healthy and tasty food. I feel strong in myself and healthier than I did when I was 22 (which isn't that hard to beat to be honest) I feel in control and able to assertively communicate my needs to everyone in my life which filtered out a lot of people who didn't like that about nine years ago. The people who are still in my life I will do all I can to make sure they feel good about themselves and I leave every interaction believing that the other person left feeling better about themselves than they did before we met.

I feel an important part of my team at work and have a trusting working environment. I believe the work I do is helping people and improving my community. I am making a meaningful difference to people and inspire them to do the same.

I live near nature and enjoy getting out on my own on my bike or climbing or anything active.

  • I feel security and grounded in our sanctuary.
  • I experience belonging in my community.
  • I take joy from starting a family.
  • I feel strong and healthy.
  • I'm assertive with others.
  • I communicate myself effectively.

  • 2018
    Once I feel secure and healthy I want to improve my sense of community, feel more authentic and take control of my work. I started computer programing out of fear. The work I have got the best feedback from and which has empowered people the most tho is running improv acting classes. I believe improv is amazing for encouraging people to work as a team, loose fear of making mistakes, drop their ego and become their authentic selves! But most importantly it teaches people that they can have really great fun with nothing more than a room and a group of people!

  • I own a house in the area and fill it with stuff I love. It's by the canal.
  • I have a core group of trusting open friends.
  • I run regular evening improv workshops on different nights of the week in different local towns.
  • I run occasional weekend improv workshops.
  • I run corporate improv workshops for team building days.

  • 2014
    My goals for the next year are to find a sense of control and security by getting on top of my finances and my health primarily and to improve my communication skills, by rejoining toastmasters and practicing assertive behavior.

  • I'm an active member of toastmasters.
  • I set myself smaller assertive/social goals/challenges and complete them. (see mindmap below)
  • I spend my free time with people who are positive and challenge me whenever possible.
  • I train at the gym three times a week. (and any other sports that come up)
  • I don't eat any wheat (I found out I shouldn't ages ago, I was just lazy with it at first!)
  • I eat things that to the best of my knowledge will improve my health and I feel great.
  • I have over £10k in savings and I'm not stopping there.
  • I express myself/gratitude/vulnerability and always try to be honest with the people I choose to have in my life.

  • 2013.1
    - update
    This is changes I have made since starting the course
    I joined a gym opening across the road from me, this way I can workout without it seeming like a whole evening/morning is been taken up. I have only drank on half the times I have gone out. I'm looking to get it down to 0% but I have a lot of big drinking friends so it wasn't as easy as just stopping (I live in England!). I started making wheat free lunches and breakfasts in bulk so I have enough to get through the week and don't need to buy processed food.
    Totally unrelated but I changed back to an old job where I enjoy the company of the people more and get an extra £8k a year, which should make my financial situation easier. I contacted my local toastmasters about attending the next meeting and I looked into a room to run a single improv even every other week to keep me working towards my longer term Improv goals. I have a daily allert with one of the social skills in the mindmap above to encourage me to focus on a diff rent skill a day. I booked onto a free one day assertiveness course in London. I started looking at a lesson plan that teaches assertiveness through improv style role playing!

    This is based on answers to the questions from people who know me and from myself.
    I enjoy and am good at solving problems, both personal and otherwise. I'll find out what needs doing on my own steam and can be self motivated. I get into flow and totally focus on a project which I can be stubborn about completing and stick to a decided outcome and I may ignore myself and others until the project is done.

    People look up to me and appreciate me much more than I realise, my words and actions effect people more than I realise too. I enjoy inspiring others and am more than capable of doing so.

    I'm relaxed, layed back and easy going. I'd say I'm not always completely assertive to get what I really need and I do have a hard time communicating my personal needs until it's too late.

    I'm active and creative. I hate sitting in a desk in a business park in Bracknell so I just quit to move back to my little online learning company in Windsor where I know everyone. It's really important for me to be working with other in some way. I tried working on my own / setting up my own business and found it isolating and stressful. I enjoy working in a team and I enjoy visual design. If I'm not inspired to do something, I won't! I need some reason.

    I have a need to be myself and not be affected by trying to fit in "If you spend your time trying to fit in you never learn how to belong" belonging to a community of people is really important to me and belonging because I am authentically myself is vital. People who hide behind egos and play office politics or who don't even try to find out what is authentically them can be intimidated by me and what I choose to talk about and I get a loss of power around them.

    I feel restless and un-routed having never had any where to call home. I'm disorganised and not on top of my health or my money. I don't feel I have a parental safety net so not secure. I have moved my whole life and I love to travel the world and meet different people and eat there food. But I have an underlining need to have a home somewhere, for a community and stability to happen.

    I have far to many creative pursuit and can't keep on top of all the things I plan to do or the people I plan to see. So I end up having lots of half hobbies and half friends. The answer I had the most emotional response to was "I don't really know you well enough..." which is something I hear a lot. Or maybe it's something that effects me more as been a drifter who has always moved, no one really knows me that well.


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