Tamara Elliott-Deering

House Flipper, Realtor, General Contractor



House Flipping 101 - Part 1

I decided to create this class because I am tired of seeing people wasting their time and their money on classes and webinars by the hucksters in the real estate flipping industry. If you love houses and are willing to work hard you can flip houses in your spare time or turn house flipping into a full time career. This class is the culmination of the hard earned lessons I have learned in the past 8 years. There are no gimmicks and this is not a "get rich quick" plan. Nor is it an invest in real estate with "no money" you will need some money to get started if only enough for a website and postage.

Here is a link to my outline:  House Flipping 101

Here is the link to my video introduction hopefully it will work, YouTube is still processing. I'm happy with the content of the video but my edits are still rough, not quite sure how to smooth the scene transitions but I wanted to make my deliverable. I filmed with my i-phone and a lapel mike and edit w/Microsoft Movie Maker. I think I will do more edits within youtube and see if I can smooth it out but right now I'm going with Sheryl Sandberg's motto that it's better to be done than perfect.


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