House 53 clothing

House 53 clothing - student project

Hello All,

My name is Jason Martinez and I am a freelance graphic designer. I have been milling around an idea the last four years and thought this would be a great project to get it rolling on. I want to create a clothing brand targeting firefighters. I grew up in a fireman's household and want to use my skills as a designer to create a brand of clothing they would be proud to wear. The inspiration would come from the history of firehouse and the stories inside of them. By using  hand-drawn illustration and type , I would like to bring those stories to life on clothing. The brand is tentatively called "HOUSE 53" as I am still trying to work through ideas. My goal is create a tee(s) that appeal to fireman, but I also want it to be able to be worn by anyone. We'll see.

A touch of inspiration:

House 53 clothing - image 1 - student project