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Dan Bainbridge

Graphic Designer • Illustrator



Hotter Than Hell

First I'll say thanks to Mikey for the awesome tutorial! I had a blast! Definitely eye opening to see your awesome texture process and the use of a tool like the blob tool, which I would never have thought of using to the effectiveness seen in the tutorial.

The Idiom 'Hotter Than Hell' crossed my mind immediately when I started the project, but I still wanted to make a list of Idioms to possibly try out.

After some unsuccesfull sketches, I decided to push the 'Hotter Than Hell' idea since I was most excited for the ideas I had for it. These were some rough initial sketches and ideas I had. I really liked the idea of incorporating imagery or references to the devil, and I thought it could add some playfulness to the idea.


Here are some more refined sketches. One playing with a thermometer and the other an old thermostat. I really liked the idea with the devil's hand turning the temp up on the old thermostat, but it didnt quite feel right.


This is the final sketch, inked. (I totally forgot to capture shots before I inked it.) The final direction I chose was the thermometer bursting which I had played with earlier.


And the final piece after adding texture. Let me know what you guys think!



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