Hotel room

Hotel room - student project

Hello, Brandon!

Thank you very much for this class!

It is well-structured, easy to follow & I like your friendly style of teaching!

Also, I think it is cool that you have made a very atmospheric piece from a basic photo of your dresser.  The artist does see things differently! Well done!

That is my project.

My room is not that interesting, so for reference picture I have chosen an image from Google with a beautiful color scheme. 

I started without a sketch, because I did not care much for accuracy & perspective (you probably noticed that perspective is a bit off). 

The aim of this study for me was to 1) understand how to paint digitally 2) observe light & color.

If you give me some advice, it will be great.


Hotel room - image 1 - student project


Hotel room - image 2 - student project