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A Location like a coffe shop can be described.

The Idea: 

A way for users to describe locations according to the standards of the creator of a location based app.


Tech entrepreneurs who make location based apps need to populate their databases with location descriptions according to what their app finds for the user.


The HotSpot Describer simplifies the process for the entreprenur by creating app that enables the users themselves to describe the locations according to the standards of the creator.

The Story:

An NYU location based startup could have users themselves describe local locations.

When I first founded a location based startup I wanted to expand the amount of locations that a user would be able to search within the app. I planned on hiring a small staff to input all of the location based related data and upon growing in user base, hiring more people to expand.

I quickly realized how slow and laborious that would be to do all alone. I was told by industry experts that the way to do it was the user's themselves describing, rating, and choosing the location. But I couldn't find an easy way to do this.

The Project:

My project is to create a web app that enables the user to select a location, fill out a form describing the location according to the standards set up by the creator, and then submit it to the creator. They can then see their description of the location on a map and the creator gets the new description sent to them.

Oh, it would of course be free for everyone!

Who would use it:

The app is for tech entrepreneurs who are trying to fill out a location based database with users themselves filling out the information.

Users they invite will give descriptions of the location to the tech entrepreneur via a form the entreprenur creates. This way the description will be given according to the creator's standards.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas! Thanks!



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