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Hot nights & Summer delights

I think of a lot of things when I think of summer, but being in Southern California, I tend to think of:
-cut off shorts
-the beach
-the smell of sun screen
-ice cream
-Katy Perry in a cupcake bikini (HA!)

But my favorite thing about summer is probably the summer nights when it's cooled down but still warm and you can drive with the windows down and just enjoy the night.  Initially I was going to incoroprate some sort of 'lights' in my project because I love twinkle lights and xmas tree lights and any other kind of strung light.  In college, it's something we all decorated with (college budgets!). 

My words I settled on were:
-long nights

The phrases I picked out were:
-Hot nights, summer lights
-Summer sights, heated nights
-Hot nights, evening sights
-Summer nights have starry lights
-Hot nights & Summer delights

I ended up going with Hot nights & Summer delights

I didn't do too many thumbnails.  Here are 3 of them though.



 I've been seeing some caligraphy lately and thought that a certain style was really nice.  So I tried to replicate it in this version.  I ended up liking it and think I will be going forward with this one.


I'll look into inking it and then scanning it and finding a program to use on it.  I don't have any of the adobe products for editing, but there's a few online editing sites that I've been learning to use.  


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