Hot momma!

I'm 19.
I have a husband and a son and I'm a housewife.
I'm incredibly happy as far as where I'm at in life.

For me, the major thing that can and should improve is my health and my lifestyle.
My husband and I have a gym membership that we almost never use and we're both a little over-weight.

I have a pretty extensive list of goals mainly because a few of these things are a long time coming and these are things I should've fulfilled a long time ago!

Goal 1: Build a Routine
I'd like to be able to work out without worrying if I'm conflicting with another thing that should be going on and isn't.  So I'm thinking to start off with 3 days of work-out (because of my newborn).

Goal 2: Have Energy
Currently, I have no energy to do anything except feed my child, say hi to my husband when he gets home, watch re-runs and think of things I still need to do.  With this goal I'd like to add two sub-goals of 
1) Go to the gym (because we actually have a membership)
2) Go to the park with my son at least two times a week

Goal 3: Lose 30 lbs.
I'd like to lose 30 lbs and wear at least a size 7 again.  I not only want to do this goal for me but for my husband.  We met when we were both really skinny (not healthy or fit, just skinny) and I think that was the time when we felt really good about each other, we went to parks more, we went out more and we liked how we looked, thus, we had more spark, more excitement.



Goal 4: Get Leaner & Stronger
I always thought it so funny that people my age actually benched weights almost their weight or more! In that, I'd like to bench...any weight above my own! I'd also like to get as flexible as i used to be.  I was a band geek but oh how it kept me in shape!

Goal 5: Be healthy
Being healthy is such a big thing for me.  When I got married, I went to eating home-cooked meals at my mom's that were almost always planned, almost always healthy and dinner always came before 7 p. m. to getting fast food with my husband because of finally having a job with crazy hours and not feeling like we had time or money to cook good meals. 
In being healthy, I'm setting a goal of not eating sweets or chips and keeping away from bad fats and bad carbs.

One of the goals I have made for myself before is drinking mostly water.  I hardly drink anything else (other than the occasional lemonade and a can of coke per month) but I'd like to up my intake and actually make sure I'm drinking at least 8 glasses a day.

I'm really excited and I hope I can find a great support network!

After: ????



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