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Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Hot Potato - Help!

Heyyo Fellow Designers & Mikey,

Looking for some feedback on my rough idea. This is all new to me so please be kind and respectful with your comments! And thank you to those who take the time to respond and look. 

Heres the PLAN:

The Idiom of choice is "Hot Potato". 

My first idea was Potato in a sauna or Jacuzzi reading a news paper. 

Later, I developed this idea below in the picture. 


I like what's going on here in this illustration & because potato is open with toppings on top of it. Here is where I am struggling: I'm not sure the best approach for making the illustration clear that we are talking about a "hot topic or current dispute". I thought it might be helpful if the potato was eating the the steak labeled hot topic or something similar to that. I also thought I could sprinkle the issues on a salt shaker. 

My concerns are that the reader will confuse my interpretation as a "hot topic" or "Bite out of crime" 

what are your thoughts? Do you like my original idea more? 

Thanks for looking,



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