Hot Pot or 火锅

I only brainstormed a few ideas before I decided I wanted to do my all time favourite meal-- Chinese hot pot! It's perfect for the rainy winter weather right now.


 For anyone who has never tried it, there's a big hot plate in the middle of the table. You can choose the broth. Here I've depicted half spicy/half non-spicy for those friends who can't handle spice. You can choose what dishes you want and they come uncooked. When the broth starts to boil you start throwing things in the pot and cook it yourself! I chose the dishes that I like to order when I go to hot pot: tofu, lamb, quail eggs, enoki mushrooms, fish balls, bacon, imitation crab and some spinach to be healthy. When your meat is cooked enough dip it your sauce and enjoy!


I got really excited about this project but struggled a lot with the execution. Somehow my mental image was just not unfolding as planned. I veered a bit from Mikey's style but it didn't quite turn out. Maybe it's the colours? Textures? It's lacking cohesion and that bit of professionalism. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've stared at this thing far too long to make any more rational decisions.

I didn't have a brayer so I made some textures with watercolour + salt and watercolour + rubbing alcohol (for the soup texture). It was awesome to learn the process of creating them in Photoshop and saving as tiff. I wanted to put texture on the lamb and bacon too but my clipping mask kept messing up :(

I still have some fine tuning to do but thought I'd open it up for suggestions first. Thanks in advance :D


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