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Hosting a Great Dinner Party

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the idea of hosting your very own dinner party? In my first Skillshare class, I will break down this into practical steps that explain how to ensure a great dinner party and an unforgettable night for you and your guests!

Please check out my introduction video:


The assignment for this course is to host your very own dinner party! You will research and study your inspirations to establish the décor aspect of your dinner party. You will then learn how to stick to budget for a dinner party. From there, you will define a menu that complements the style of your dinner, while learning how small details make a difference along the way.


When you’re ready, begin uploading milestones that showcase your progress to the student project gallery. A complete student project should include:

  • Style and decoration moodboard accompanied by a few describing words
  • Invitation sent to attendees
  • Dinner party menu
  • Music selection
  • Pictures of your decorations (i.e. plate settings, table), plated food, etc.
  • Optional: Pictures of the dinner party itself

Lesson Outline

You can find my lesson outline here


Thank you for stopping by - Happy to receive feedback on what I have so far! 


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