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Hosh Photo Logo

A buddy of mine has a photography buisness, "Hosh Photo", and she asked if I would be willing to make a logo for her. I gladly accepted this challange. This is my first logo, and I've been pretty stressed out over it, because I feel like she's quite picky. Even now, after a week of talking with her about it, i'm still not completely sure what she wants. From what I can assertain, she wants a logo that:

  • Can be described as "vintage"
  •  Is enticing to a younger crowd.
  • Handlettered. Or rather, she's like the handlettered look
  • Has text that says her name
  • And absolutely no cameras.

These are my sketches so far. And yeah, I did try to sneak a camera in there.

A couple of these I was really proud of. I do wish that I labeled them now. Anyway, my client had a couple that she liked and gave me a little specific direction. Aaaand that's what I'm working on tonight. I'll upload more pictures of my progress in a few days.

Tips, feedback, critiques are welcome!


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