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Michelle Thomas

Aspiring Photographer



Horses, Snow and a Surprise on Thanksgiving Day

   On Thanksgiving morning it started to snow in NE Ohio, and all I could think of was getting outside to take some pictures of the horses. The light wasn't the best, dark and gray, but I had this SB-700 flash, which I had very little knowledge of how to work. So, I decided that it would be a nice time to put some of the advice I'd been given to good use. The first few shots proved to be unworthy of sharing, for the flash was hitting the snow flakes, reflecting the light right back, and making the flakes look like bright spots in the image. I shut the flash off, then made my way out to the pasture to watch the horses. They were focused on something, standing with their ears fixed forward and snorting. My horse Hank was running around like a goofball. They saw something, but I could not see what it was.

     So, I just kept shooting. Sparky is the sorrel and white gelding, and the black horse is Hank. Hank looked so beautiful behind the snow as he ran around in heightened awareness. I had to focus on him. It wasn't until I viewed the photos on the computer that I saw what it was they had been so excited about. 

What a surpise it was to see that buck! One thing that I have learned over the years of trail riding is to listen to your horse. They see things long before we do and if your perceptive you can often see what they are viewing by looking between their ears. In this shot, I wasn't riding Hank obviously, but I knew he was looking at something, so I left enough room in the frame to hopefully see what it was, and sure enough the camera captured the image of what the horse already knew. 


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