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Paula Lobos

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Horses - Intro to Surface Pattern Design

Hello, I love this class! and here is my first attempt to make a pattern.

The inspired by nature thing was not easy for me hahaha, i'm not really into flowers or plants so I just went for the animals, and my favorites are horses.

I'm not near real horses so i just sketch from a few pictures from google


I got my color palette from this set of paintings from KT Smile


Then I traced the horses, add some texture  and also add some plants for the background, the plants I just freehanded on illustrator


And finally i made my pattern, i didn't have to many motifs, and TBH i think this made my pattern look a bit flat, but i know that for the next time it will be better to have more motifs.

this is the final result, i like the odd colors combo :P




ps: excuse my terrible English haha


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