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Carlos Valdez

Digital Art & Graphic Design



Horror Badges

At the beginning I wanted to create some icons or badges in order to complement the collections of all those lovecraft/horror fans and then I started brainstorming

Although the visual for these icons should be dark and terrifying, I tried to create some visual-friendly sketches and adapt its style for all public.

After working on this sketches for a while I realized that I could make something a little bit more general and not something too underground, something that everyone would recognize, so I decided to make some icons/badges about the classical horror films, and as you can see, just for a moment, I lost the visual-friendly that I was trying to adopt for this icons and as I kept working on the sketches, more ideas came to my mind but I focused on the main idea.

I didn't work on a single colour palette so I made many different swatches, I wanted to see some differences on each badge so I could decide later for a single style.

Then I started to work in Illustrator and I made my first 3 badges very similar but different at the same time

I'm currently working on the next badges and once I have them done I'll be choosing one single style to define them, there're a lot of classic horror films I could watch for some creative inspiration. I hope you like them and I'd be very thankfull if you give me your feedback! I'm still learning :D


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