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Finally finished reading the book! Here is my brainstorm:

horns, tree house, cherry tree, cherry bomb, pitchfork, shattered glass, cross, necklace, morse code, snakes, smoke, fire, horn (musical instrument), separation, divided, good/evil, halves, devil, candles/menorah.

Going with the "H" letter, which can do double duty for "Horns" and "Hill". Here my thumbnail sketches. Started with some established/classical forms of the letter as inspiration/research. I think the best options were bottom center, and lower right. For now, I have decided to start with the bottom center option and see how it goes.

Here's a larger sketch made, based on the thumbnail. I focused on the middle/side, figuring I'm just going to mirror it later.

And, here's the vectorized artwork. I'm leaning more towards the one on the right. I think the subtle red gradient is less distracting and allows you to read the "H" better. Added some extra branches above the rooftop, so it reads more like a tree. I might go back and make the top branches asymmetrical so it won't be taken as antlers.... Another change is that I elongated the flame and smoke plume. I thought it looks even more like the middle prong of a pitchfork (which something I thought could be worked in. Granted, it is vague, but that's how I'm envisioning it.

I was even going to add some stars above the branches, but when I came back to it a couple hours later - it came to me that I would only need one! It's my *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* addition. I hope readers of the book would get it. In any case, I think it gives the piece depth. Strange how random inspiration sometime is the best.

Updated artwork.


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