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Horned Hunter/Harvester/Fighter

---Step 1 ---

Here's my thumbnails! She looks like a devil or a bunny, but she's not! She has horns on her head armour for (protection? camoflage? absolutely no reason whatsoever??) She's supposed to be a human hunter/gatherer, though she spends most of her time hunting herbs and various forest produce. She lives deep in the woods and spends alot of time hiding and sneaking, gathering strange plants and whatnot to sell to herbalists that have no desire to creep into dank caves and climb to the tops of trees. I think her personality has turned out pretty darn goofy, which I like! Feedback is appreciated!

(I had to go ahead and get the mudflap girl out of my head with 6, sorry!!!)

--- Step 2 --- (These have been scrapped, but will leave up for comparison)

Chose four that did well with the feedback and were also my faves! Thinking about the character personality some more. She's definitely a gatherer by trade though sometimes (alot) she must unfortunately fight her way to the rare goods she's looking for! Trolls, alligators, bears! She's not very good at fighting, but she thinks she's GREAT at it! She skirts by on her profound luck, though, so no one's ever proven her wrong.

--- Step 2 (revisions)---

I realized I didn't have nearly enough variety in my silhouettes, so I took the four I chose to refine and edited them a bit to have a wider variety. I wanted to keep the horns as the one static, so I left those as they were. My silhouettes were too clean to start out with in the first place. It's so hard to change habits! However, I never ever thumbnail and just doing this alone was a big step in the right direction for me. Also, not blocking things in with shapes and cylinders! My characters always come out stiff, so I hope this will begin to remedy that!

And here's my new wireframes.


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