Hoppy Bird Day Birthday "Card" GIF

Hoppy Bird Day Birthday "Card" GIF - student project

Ok, I was basically terrible about keeping record of my progress (trashed my original sketches) and labeling layers. I was in a hurry to make this and use it for a birthday today and skipping lots of things Libby recommends :-0    There are basically 3 zones of animation. The hopping bird has 2 positions and 2 mouth gestures. The ewes have 3 head positions (that work separately and then sync). And the text has dancing dots. I put the exports together in ImgPlay (app) because I was too comfy to move from my couch to my desk to use Photoshop(!)  I would add a little bird hop (higher), some ewe leg dances, and letter movement if I were to spend more time on it.


Thanks for the great class, Libby. I love your work and your teaching!


PS: the YouTube video is "unlisted" (ie doesn't appear in search results) so you'll have to follow the link to YouTube to watch it there ("unlisted" videos won't follow through to Skillshare)