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Junko Miyakoshi




"Hopes and Fears" by KEANE


Here's my colored version with some textures added.

Any thoughts/critics are very much appreciated!


Here's a black & white final sketch. I decided to include the little "tree soul-ish guy" (attached below) that was seen in their music video.

Next step will be colors & textures :)


The album I picked is called "Hopes and Fears" (2004) by the British band KEANE.

A little about the band:

Keane are an English alternative rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1997. Keane achieved mainstream success with the release of their debut album, Hopes and Fears, in 2004. Keane are known for using a piano (or a synth) as the lead instrument instead of guitars, differentiating them from most other rock bands. Since the start of their career, the band have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

The original album cover:

Track List:

1. Somewhere Only We Know
2. This Is The Last Time 
3. Bend & Break
4. We Might As Well Be Strangers 
5. Everybody's Changing 
6. Your Eyes Open 
7. She Has No Time 
8. Can't Stop Now 
9. Sunshine
10. Untitled 1
11. Bedshaped

Here are some images from their music videos for inspiration:

Here's my mood board:

As the album title is "Hopes and Fears" and based on their songs and music videos, I picture overall darkness but with a little hope/light within.

Here are some rough initial sketches:

I'm still not sure if I'll stick with any of these, but I'm leaning towards the middle or the right one so far. The overall color will be dark (maybe purple/blue-ish) with a dead log in the middle, and there's a newborn branch coming out.

This is what I have so far, and any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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