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Galilee Anne Morallos

Hopeleslly Poetically Minded



Hopelessly Poetically Minded

Eversince I was young, I had a fascination with the stars and the spellbinding universe. I would often look at the nightsky and I often find myself imagining things with whatever that I could do if I can fly to the universe.

Hopelessly Poetically Minded, is some sort of my description about myself. It started in my elementary days, I started writing simple quotes that turn into poems and I've tried to make it in a song. Although I am not a writer. I feel like I think poetically into everything that I've encountered. Whenever I see something that interests me, my mind would make a never ending story in my mind. I feel that everything surrounds me is words that composes into a poem.

So, my emotion would be FASCINATION.

I am not that good with typography, and I badly want to learn calligraphy, I take this as a challenge for me to push myself, I really missed drawing and creating something with art materials, like using paint brush, watercolor and ink. So I am excited to do it!







Here goes my final artwork :) I've really tried my best doing the lettering in a circular form,  just as what Mete has suggested to give on some grounding for my text. I also experimented creating the double exposure effect with my other watercolor illustration of trees and clouds to give an effect of white clouds/smoke, then revealing the galaxy with my qoute.




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