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Liz Fields

Head Designer and Co-Owner



Hopeless Stylist

Here is my photo of a living room which is simple, yet effective in it's styling (I think!).  It seems to be closest to what I would like to acheive using the furniture and accessories I already have in my apartment, but have no idea how to style effectively. 

I must be the worst "homemaker" ever and everytime I walk into someone else's home I am in awe and disbelief at how wonderful they can make their home look. I just tell myself that they have tons of time and don't mind spending money on accessorizing their home, so that's why mine is just "blah". 

Anyway, I will be taking photos of the key areas in my home I would like to work on, but please keep in mind that we have recently had a flood in our apartment still in the "fixing" stage with our building and insurance company.  Floors will have to be replaced and right now we have no moldings, some doors have been removed and some furniture has been moved around.  I will do my best though! Will post some photos tomorrow! :)


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