Hope | Skillshare Projects




I am someone who loves stationery and buy a lot if it without ever knowing how and when it would be put to use. The waterbrush was one such thing that i bought over a year back. I did use it a couple of times with little success but this class was just the thing i was looking for to get myself more comfortable with the reservoir brush, so i jumped right in.


The first thing i did was to line up my weapons so that i don't need to get up in the middle

I did some basic stroke practice and it already felt a lot easier than it had the last time, so i jumped right into practicing some brush lettering styles and ended up with a couple of good examples, the bottom three being my favourites.


At this point I felt really confident that I could take on a simple project and chose the word 'Hope' because that is what this class gave me. I was completely lost with waterbrushes and watercolours and it made it all look so simple. The first attempt looked decent but I ended up smudging it in a couple of places while trying to blend the colours. 


With a little more forethought and control, this is what i ended up with. Pretty satisfied and eager to take it forward.


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