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Vision for 10 years from now....

I will be 43 years old. I see myself leaning forward on the kitchen island...people running around the house....a yard that I can see through the back large windows. My family is all around. My husband, my children, I imagine two, my parents and a chocolate lab. There might even be more people, we have other close family or maybe close friends, I can't see everyone but I can hear the chatting and laughing and boisterous noise. I'm not sure who's house I am in...if it is my own or my parents....I smell good food smells...savory and sweet...it is sunny outside but it is the sun right before the sun will start to set so I know dusk is falling...I feel happy, light, calm, almost carefree....I feel fit...my husband is in good spirits... my parents are in good health. 

Some immediate observations about my own vision:

I don't immediately see my work/career although right now I'm very focused on that aspect of my life. I don't feel stressed about work....I wonder if it is because I've found what I want to be doing and therefore it doesn't stress me out or maybe I've found an environment where I feel like my goals for the future are aligned with my company's. In my vision I don't sense the stress of financial matters. I also think it is interesting to have so many people around but in a family setting not in a work setting. My nuclear family is just myself and my parents but I grew up in a restaurant so there were always people around. Oftentimes now, I feel like myself and my husband or my parents are all spread out - lonely compared to my extended family overseas. At the same time, I don't actually feel lonely. I think it is interesting my vision has so many close people in it becuase I never view myself as having that many super close people.

General thoughts....

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doesrs. But above all the world needs dreamers who do."

Sarah Ban Breathnach

I saw the first quote from a friend who posted it a while back and it has stuck with me.

Some things I've learned about myself....

I might be underestimating my influence - although I'm not in a stereotypical role of influence at work, I touch a lot of people and I overlook my ability to positively or negatively influence those around me. 

I should figure out how to turn "driving change" into my career. 

Something I am still figuring out about myself...

I get excited and inspired to have the opportunity to impact where I work, my family's business. I am often super excited by a new idea or article that I've read and its relevancy to what I'm doing. Then, because change is hard and people don't all see life through my lens I feel disappointed and a little discouraged. I like the positive push that my excitement gives me but I do not like the negative pull that challenges and obstacles present. I know that change is hard. I know that not everyone will be a fan. How do I change my mood to respond to it with neutral instead of disappointment? Is that even the right way to go about this? 

What do I want in my circle?

I want to be inspired and inspire others to improve - overcome boundaries to do what is better and better every day. 

I want family, my extended family closeby, financial freedom, ability to care for parents as they get older, challenges that push me to grow, balance of work and fun, time for myself to reflect, meaningful relationships, meaningful work, respect, good health, a dog, some nice things, travel. 


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