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Hope for the Dove Gray Cape

My attempt at a project using the 8 principles of design.

I found this to be more difficult than I had expected. Interestingly enough, botanicals was most often the principle that was missing from the shot.

I would definitely have incorporated more color in this room, while keeping with the relaxed feel. Maybe some subtle blues or greens. Otherwise I feel it is a decent representation of all 8 principles of design.

My Before's

My Coffee Table

Normally I DO NOT have these items on my coffee table - glass and 3 year olds do not mix! As you can see I have a lot of clutter underneath. I straighten them often - again I have a 3 year old. I probably should have some sort of baskets or something instead for these magazines and books.

My couch

Nothing fancy. I love the button details on my couch, but I do NOT love the pillows. They were clearance Target specials and i was just looking for placeholders. I have this tendency to paint my walls and then try to style my room. This time, it's the pillows and accessories first, then the paint color.

My media console (currently in a holiday scheme but normally empty).

I HATE this TV in this room. I have a tiny livng room and I hate that the focal point is the TV. However, we have no choice. Maybe in my next home...

My entryway (Believe it or not I don't have any bookshelves! My books are all in boxes or stacked in closets).

This is a very tight space. Not a ton of room for furniture. (As you can see I am in desperate need of shoe storage.)

My bed

My bedroom is tiny and I have a HUGE bed. I think it's pretty, but its definitely not my favorite. Two tall dressers flank the bed making it look cramped. But again, we are in a tiny house and storage is limited.

I can't wait to get started on these projects. I love decorating and am really looking forward to learning and applying the principles to my own home.


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